Saturday, January 14, 2023


1/10/23 Loyal Heights neighborhood

Instead of our usual weekly route around Green Lake, my walking partner and I have been exploring neighborhoods around her house. In Loyal Heights, we came upon a row of trees with thick, gnarly trunks and exposed roots that look vaguely similar to the old cherries I have sketched nearby every spring. They were bare, of course, so I couldn’t check the leaves, but I’ve made a note to look in the spring. What was amazing about these trees was how badly they had buckled the pavement. I see that kind of damage from roots frequently, but usually with taller, older trees that have had more time to grow. These didn’t look that old to me. I was impressed by their strength and tenacity.

We were treated to a sunny reprieve from the continual rain that day, so that same afternoon, I went back to Loyal Heights to sketch one of the trees. The sketch doesn’t show how badly the sidewalk is broken with some pieces pushed up at a nearly 45-degree angle from the ground. I plan to go back on a warmer day and figure out how to sketch that damaged pavement as homage to trees that do not let anything as pesky as concrete get in their way.


  1. It always amazes me that tree roots are so strong and can cause so much damage. Nice sketch of the scene.

    1. Yes, and they do it so slowly that no one notices until it's too late!


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