Friday, January 20, 2023

Post-Solstice Skyscapitos


1/8/23 dusk

Most of the skyscapitos shown here were made after the Solstice. This time of year, I have more opportunities to sketch both sunrise and sunset colors because they appear at convenient times. Although we’ve had a mostly wet, cold winter so far, occasional “sun breaks” have been brief reprieves from the gray and rain. I watch for them whenever I can.

The continually shifting bands of light and color give me a workout, but when I stick with the tiny format (no larger than 3 inches), it’s a realistic challenge.

12/22/22 and 1/2/23 sunrises

1/10/23 sunset

1/11/23 sunrise

12/15/22 Mt. Rainier at sunrise; 12/16/22 sunrise


  1. I really like these! The ones with the blues and soft orange are my favorites.

    1. Those are probably the colors I see most often in our sky!


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