Monday, August 1, 2022



7/28/22 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Walking in a north/south direction gives me lots of fun morning pavement shadows, especially on trash day. I can tell which side of the street has been picked up because the bins are disheveled afterwards. Sketching a few cans that were still in a straight row, I was delighted to see a truck heading my way: I caught both the truck and a collector.

People viewing my sketches sometimes tease me that I must have a thing for trash. I don’t, but I do have much appreciation for the people who take it away. I remember all too well when snow prevented trash collection for a couple of weeks early this year. I don’t take that service for granted anymore.

Paper note: How about this amazing avocado green? I love it! It’s an Uglybook with a “Grunge” theme. Like my favorite red Field Notes Sweet Tooth, it’s exactly the right midtone to set off both black and white.

And related to Uglybooks, I mentioned in my review that the covers are ideal blank canvases for making art or adorning with stickers.
 I’ve made a lot of my own, but I prefer to give those stickers away and use the ones I’ve received from others to embellish my sketchbooks. Going somewhat overboard in my enthusiasm for Uglybooks, I have five currently in rotation exhibiting stickers from (left to right) Rickshaw Bags, the Burke Museum, the Erasable Podcast, Ernest Theodore and Kate Buike.


  1. The avocado green pages really work well with your sketching method! Nice capture of the shadows.

  2. I love drawing trash cans. Like these sketches muchly.


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