Thursday, August 18, 2022

John at Gas Works


8/11/22 Artists painting John at Gas Works Park

Ever since I started using the unusual (for me) colors of the Beya Rebaï-inspired palette, the colors keep following me around. Last Thursday at the Gas Works Park life-drawing session, our model John was dressed in a cool green shirt and peachy-pink shorts! If not for the Rebaï palette, I never would have had those colors in my bag.

My favorite sketch of the morning, though, was the one at the top of the post of two artists painting John. I always relish an opportunity to capture backlighting.

(I made one more drawing of John that day, but you’ll see it soon in another post about a new way of hatching that I’m super challenged by and excited about!)


  1. I always like the addition of the artists with the model. These came out really nice!

    1. Thanks! I usually get bored of the single pose, so I have to mix it up for myself!


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