Thursday, August 4, 2022



7/29/22 Green Lake

On the fourth day of our potential record-breaking heatwave (not for highest temps of all time but for the most consecutive days of temps in the 90s), I took my early-morning walk through the Green Lake neighborhood. Standing in a shady spot to sketch a car parked next to a tree, I noticed that the light-drenched negative shapes around them suddenly popped out at me. I pulled out a white Gelly Roll, which I knew would stand out well in my avocado green Uglybook. After that, I had fun making several more thumbnails by looking only at the negative shapes. Although I like white on the avocado paper, without black as a counter to it, it lacks umph.

That’s when it hit me: I should be using my brown Uglybook! In my review, I had mentioned that the “Smores” brown was a bit too dark as a midtone, but if I’m using only two tones, it would make an excellent dark.

7/30/22 Maple Leaf

The next early morning (Day 5 of our heatwave), I brought my brown Uglybook on my sketch-walk. Somehow it was easier last winter when I was sketching nocturnes and most of the scenes were too dark to see. In daylight, drawing only the lights instead of darks is a major mind-bender (which obviously means it’s good practice).

In addition to the Gelly Roll, I’ve been using a very opaque white Uni Pericia colored pencil, which I prefer to the gel pen for solid areas and organic marks. It’s so soft, though, that it gets blunt almost immediately. I might try a harder Faber-Castell Polychromos next time.

Now I’m pumped about breaking out a black Uglybook – or a navy one! I probably have too many Uglybooks in rotation, which goes against my usual practice of working in only one or two sketchbooks at a time, but the potential of all these new page colors is exciting. Of course, you can guess what my dream-come-true Uglybook would be – one with multiple colors in one book! I think it’s time to drop Uglybooks a note. ­čśë

My white party: Gelly Roll and colored pencil


  1. I've never heard of Uglybooks, but wow, all those colors of paper. Not that I need another sketchbook (I think I have 15 in process right now!). Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy sketching and stay cool!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Anne! You're an inspiration!

  2. Oh, the white looks so good against the brown! I like that you are using a white pencil and a white gelly roll. The difference is nice to see. Good thinking!

    1. Thanks, Joan! I'm having fun with the whites on colored papers!


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