Saturday, August 6, 2022

Not My Thing


7/22/22 Green Lake neighborhood

I was sketching on one end of an alley when a young man came out of his nearby house. It was the same neighbor who had come out to see what I was doing a couple of months ago because he thought I was the one who had called the police.

“Would you draw my house if I paid you, like, $20?” he asked me. “Or is that not your thing? Because I totally respect that if it’s not.” I smiled and said it wasn’t really my thing, and he happily wished me well.

7/27/22 Maple Leaf neighborhood

That same morning, I had a different type of interaction: I was just finishing up my sketch of the LimeBike scooter and was about to take a photo when a man arrived. Giving me a vicious stink eye, he tapped something on his smartphone and rode away.

Almost all urban sketchers have stories about ways in which they’ve engaged with passers-by. Those were two of mine. It beats sketching alone in my studio any day.

7/22/22 Green Lake

7/27/22 Maple Leaf alley (where I was offered the commission)

7/27/22 Downtown Seattle from Maple Leaf

8/1/22 Hazy Mt. Rainier from the 5th NE I-5 overpass

8/1/22 Seattle Formosan Christian Church, Maple Leaf 

8/1/22 Green Lake

8/1/22 Green Lake


  1. The encounters with people when we are sketching are sometimes very interesting...and sometimes very funny. For some reason I really like the sketches on the red paper. They seem to have a lot of energy.

    1. Glad you like the sketches on red... I let the paper do most of the work! All I have to do is add black and white. ;-)


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