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7/7/22 Kirstin costumed as Frida Kahlo

Our model Kirstin was elegantly dressed as Frida Kahlo last week at Gas Works Park. In draping shawl and multi-layered gown, two huge flowers in her hair, she was a fun challenge in capturing her costume as well as her portrait. Each page represents a 20-minute pose.

As always, I started with a quick brush pen gesture sketch to warm up and acquaint myself with her proportions (at left). As I was making this one, it occurred to me that it’s sort of the life-drawing equivalent of making a compositional thumbnail: A fast way to learn about the subject before I sink my teeth into a more detailed drawing. With the time remaining in the pose, I made a small portrait on the same page that captures her resemblance better than the larger one that I spent more time on later.

Watching the other artists, I’ve been surprised that none seem to begin with quick gestures; they all jump right onto their canvases with the paintings they will work on that morning. Maybe it’s because of all the years I practiced regular short-pose life drawing at Gage, but I find it hard to begin without first making at least one gesture sketch.

When I got tired of the single pose, I moved to the back and sketched some of the other artists with a backdrop of the towering Gas Works.  

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  1. Good sketches of her in her Frieda garb. I prefer starting with shorted poses too and working my way up.


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