Saturday, July 30, 2022

Fleeting Light

7/25/22 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Going out during the Golden Hour recently motivated me to try it again. The low, warm light is beautiful, but at that angle, it changes so quickly that it is extremely challenging, even for a fast sketcher like me.

I went out a little earlier this time, hoping that would help. The first thing that caught my eye was a small patch of backlit gladiolus. Glowing with golden halos, they were irresistible. Even as I made this small sketch, the light was dropping and fading rapidly. Scribbling frantically, I missed most of the backlighting, but at least I caught the shadow.

Sketching during the Golden Hour takes more practice than I’ve had! I suppose it would help if I picked subject matter a little farther off the ground.


  1. Nice sketch, Tina! I really like the contrast between the smoother and rougher areas of color. It's hard to time golden hour sketching right!

    1. Thanks, Lee! It is tough... if I can get myself out the door at the right time, I'd like to try a few more times this summer!


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