Thursday, July 14, 2022

Backyard Visitors


 Other than the Steller’s jays we fed regularly last summer and the usual small birds, we don’t see much wildlife in our backyard (and we’ve been disappointed that “our” jays haven’t been visiting as often this year). Two recent visitors, however, were unexpected delights.

The first was a small brown bunny, who sat for quite a while in the middle of the yard. Although we have seen this type of rabbit fairly often on our neighborhood walks the past couple of years, they rarely visit our yard: We don’t grow anything good to eat. I’m sure they have better pickins’ in our neighbors’ gardens. Maybe this bunny knew we didn’t have pets, so it could take an easy break.


More entertaining was the trio of raccoons that showed up one evening at dusk. Two of them noisily got it on, wrestling and rolling around the yard. The weird noise they made was familiar, but I didn’t realize until then that it came from raccoons. The third lazily lounged nearby the amorous couple but discreetly faced away from them as it scratched itself long enough for me to sketch. They all seemed aware of our quiet presence on the back deck but paid us no mind.

1 comment:

  1. I rarely see wildlife that stays long enough to sketch. These look good!


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