Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Blue Scrubs


6/30/22 Life drawing at Gas Works Park

The life-drawing group at Gas Works Park had fantastic weather again last week – sunny and warm but not too hot. Initially, I thought our model was costumed as a medical professional – scrubs, stethoscope and badge clipped to a pocket. It turned out that he was not in costume; he’s an actual nursing student. Unfortunately, the pose he chose seemed stiff, awkward and not very natural. Maybe the portraitists in the group didn’t mind, since they were focused on his face. Less than inspired by the pose, I decided to practice more portraits than usual (and my palette that day was prompted by the model’s bright blue scrubs). I had the most fun with the distant view of the artists painting.

Still, I can hardly complain. I can’t think of too many things I’d rather do on a sunny June morning than sketch at Gas Works Park.


  1. I like the sketch with the other artists. It tells a great story!

    1. Thanks! Although I enjoy life drawing, I always love making the "candid" sketches more than the posed! ;-)


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