Monday, July 18, 2022

Catching Up on Walk-Sketches


7/11/22 Mt. Rainier from the 5th NE Interstate 5 overpass (my reward
for making this unpleasant crossing is the occasional stunning view of 
Her Majesty)

Although I walk around Green Lake regularly, I typically haven’t walked within the Green Lake neighborhood much. Although it takes less than 20 minutes, getting there on foot requires an unpleasant walk across the noisy Interstate 5 overpass, so I tend to drive there.

This summer, though, I’ve changed my habits and have been walking to and from Green Lake more often. I’m walking more within the neighborhood to mix up the scenery. With gas prices as they are, I’m also simply trying to avoid using my car whenever possible.

5/14/22 Maple Leaf

5/28/22 Maple Leaf

6/19/22 Maple Leaf

The shake-up has given me fresh views for making small, quick sketches along the way. Many of the composition studies I made during my 30-day challenge were done around Green Lake. Here are others I’ve made on my nearly daily walks (some are from Maple Leaf, where I still walk occasionally).

6/20/22 Green Lake (the architectural styles are a wider mix of traditional and modern in this neighborhood compared to Maple Leaf)

6/23/22 Maple Leaf

6/25/22 One morning Greg and I decided to take our fitness
walk at Carkeek Park, where we spotted a windsurfer!

Most of these sketches don’t have “stories” as such; they are just momentary records of my walks. When the morning air is still cool and fresh, it’s hard to think of a cheaper, healthier, more enjoyable way to observe and capture my walkable world.

6/27/22 Green Lake

7/1/22 Green Lake

7/8/22 Green Lake

7/11/22 Green Lake

Sketchbook note: The sketches on mossy green paper are the first sighting of new sketchbooks I’ve been trying – made by Ugly Books! I’m excited about these for a number of reasons. . . review coming up soon!


  1. Love the great sketch of Mt Rainier! You've found some good views on your daily walks...and you get exercise too.


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