Friday, June 24, 2022

Soft Landing: Rickshaw Valet


Rickshaw valet and wallet

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Rickshaw Bags. Ever since my first Zero Messenger Bag (now 10 years old and still looking great), which has traveled with me to four continents, I’ve found reasons (and excuses) to buy more bags in other colors, sizes, fabrics and styles. I also have several stationery and daily-carry accessories (search “Rickshaw” on my blog, and you’ll see most of my collection). Handmade in San Francisco, the products are all well made, durable and – the most addictive part – color-customizable!

Two accessories recently caught my eye. The one that’s art-related is the plush Valet Tray. Traditionally, a valet is used by men as a pocket dump, but it’s meeting a different need of mine. When I’m working on a drawing or other project at my desk, I’m constantly picking up and putting down various pencils, pens, scissors or other tools, and I don’t like the noisy clatter they make on my desktop surface or a hard tray. The rectangular 4-by-8-inch valet is an ideal size for giving my tools a soft, silent place to land – it’s plush-lined! (Yes, my pencils have a more comfy seat than I do. I don’t buy Rickshaw’s gorgeous, plush-lined fountain pen cases or coozies because I refuse to let my pens be better dressed than I am.) (OK, I do have one Clover Pen Sleeve [alas, no longer available], seen in this post, but it has a specific travel purpose beyond keeping my pens warm and stylishly dressed.)

This plush-lined valet is sized just right for pencils! When the corners are unsnapped, it flattens for storage or travel.

The second recent purchase is even more exciting because it’s something for which I have been searching a long, long time. I gave up on women’s wallets and “secretaries” decades ago because they are always too big, too bulky and have too many unessential compartments. I’ve been using a men’s “money clip” for years, but the leather slots have gotten stretched out, and the cards are no longer secure. Although I’ve looked, I haven’t found one as simple as the one I have.

Rickshaw’s newest product is exactly what I need: The small, thin Snap Wallet – just large enough for the few cards I carry and nothing else. Like my favorite Rickshaw bags, the colors and fabrics are customizable. Naturally, I got one in waterproof, purple X-Pac fabric to match my “winter” Zero Messenger.

Thin and small

Just enough room for a few cards, bills, ID and nothing else.

Will I get a wallet to match every bag (unfortunately, they don’t offer pink fabric to match my pink “spring” Zero Messenger)? Don’t even suggest it. But at $19, it’s certainly a good value.

Matchy, matchy.


  1. I sense a trend purple your favorite color? The snap wallet sounds like a good idea.

    1. Ha -- you noticed the trend? ;-)

    2. I thought you were trying to hide your inner orange


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