Monday, June 20, 2022

Outrunning the Composition Police


6/15/22 Green Lake

Since beginning the 30-Day Challenge, I have been making a composition thumbnail before every “real” sketch (defined by me as larger and with color). The challenge has taught me the value of doing these small studies to solve potential issues before I get to the real sketch and to see whether a real sketch is even worth making. I know it’s a good habit, and most of the time, I enjoy making the studies.

Between taking a walk at Green Lake and getting to an appointment, I was short on time, but I still wanted to make a sketch. OK, I was also feeling lazy: I decided to skip the thumbnail. (As I gleefully opened my sketchbook, I could hear the sirens of the composition police coming after me, but I knew I could outrun them.)

I wasn’t totally lazy, though. Before beginning, I made a conscious effort to frame the composition in my mind and consider how the shapes and value blocks would relate to each other. With less than 15 minutes, I knew I didn’t have time for much detail, so the result is hardly more than a thumbnail anyway, but it was satisfying to feel like I had made a “real” sketch (and the composition police didn’t catch me!).

I’m hoping this is the part of the 30-Day Challenge that will “stick” long after the 30 days are over: Being able to make a study in my mind without having to actually sketch it first. 

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  1. Glad to see this is becoming second-nature to you and your are starting to work out the details without always doing the thumbnail. Great!!


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