Friday, June 19, 2020

Dead Ends Galore

6/17/20 Green Lake neighborhood

Our usual walking territory is bordered on one side by Interstate 5. Back in the day when I rode the bus often, I crossed over the freeway regularly to get to the bus stop, but it’s a noisy, unpleasant walk, so I avoid it otherwise. We have been tiring of the four-by-10-block area we’ve been walking daily since March, though, so I proposed a change. Venturing over the freeway, we have a whole new neighborhood to explore.

The best discovery so far: three streets that dead end at the freeway wall! I love dead ends like this because I can stand in the street with my back to the wall, safe from cars and without getting in the way of pedestrians. And lucky for me on this morning, the clouds suddenly parted.

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