Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Freeway Park

9/2/18 Freeway Park waterfall

Greg’s nephew was in town over the weekend for the PAX West game developers’ con, so we met him and a friend for lunch near the Convention Center. Afterwards we walked them back to the venue and wandered around inside, a bit staggered by the number of people and amused by costumed individuals. I would have enjoyed trying to sketch some of the more stationary characters (see below), but in general, they were all passing through too quickly.

Instead of chasing gamers, we walked outside to Freeway Park, where it was a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon. I only had a few minutes, but I wanted to capture one of the park’s several waterfalls. Last year when USk Seattle met at the park, the water features were all dry that day. The rush of falling water throughout the park masked the roar of Interstate 5 just below us.

One of many interesting characters we saw inside the
Convention Center.

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