Saturday, March 10, 2018

Chocolate Bunnies

3/9/18 Satia trimming chocolate bunnies at Fran's

3/9/18 Spiraling staircase in Fran's historic building.
USk Seattle has sketched at Fran’s Chocolates in Georgetown in winter and in fall. Yesterday was our first time in the near-spring, and I must say it was especially fun for a rabbit lover like me. The store was filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs (including some that cost $75 – see below)! Even better, the workers visible through the viewing window were busily making them. I went straight for Satia, who was painstakingly finishing the seams on molded chocolate rabbits.

Fortified with a decadent mocha that tasted almost like straight chocolate, I took on the view I had been avoiding at my previous visits: the formidable spiral staircase.

Chocolate. . . sketching. . . does it get any better?

A good turnout for sketching and chocolates!

$75 gold-dusted chocolate egg filled with chocolate chicks


  1. Great sketches! The view you captured of Satia’s head turned down and toward you is great, and the spiral staircase is spot on!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! I'm glad I finally tackled that staircase!

  2. $75 for a chocolate egg? I hope it was bigger than it looks. That sounds like a fun place to sketch, although I've been in a chocolate factory and the aroma of chocolate while sketching would make the sketching difficult...especially since I gave up chocolate for Lent. It doesn't seem to have bothered you. Nice job on the spiral staircase!


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