Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tightly Closed

3/19/18 Tony's cherry tree, Beacon Hill neighborhood

My brother-in-law has a lovely old cherry growing in his yard on Beacon Hill. Whenever I visit, I admire its classic umbrella shape and knotty, gnarled trunk, but I never seem to catch it in bloom. He’s out of town right now, and I figured the cherry was fully flowered, so I went over there to surprise him with a sketch of the blossoms he’s missing. But the sad surprise was on me: Although a few spindly young cherries across the street were pink and fluffy, all the reddish buds on his tree were still very tightly closed – not a single blossom in sight.

Since I’d come across town to sketch it, I decided to do it anyway. Any time of year, its majestic shape is still beautiful.


  1. I love the knobby, solid trunk to this tree. Maybe you can make another visit and see it in it's glory. Nice sketch!! We'll be seeing snow, not blossoms for the first full day of spring. Enjoy your spring views!

    1. Oh no -- not more snow!? We had amazing sunshine today, but we're supposed to have a chance of snow on Saturday!! Aughh!!


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