Saturday, March 3, 2018

Orange and Blue

3/1/18 Heavy equipment at St. Mark's

St. Mark’s Cathedral has been under renovation for the better part of a year, which has severely limited the parking spaces that the church used to share with Gage Academy. I’ve been arriving extra early to Gage for life drawing and grumbling frequently when parking has been a challenge. Last Thursday I arrived even earlier than usual, but not just to get a parking space: The sun was out!

I was so thrilled to see some blue sky that I parked and then walked over to St. Mark’s property to see what was going on. Unfortunately, nothing was – this cherry picker crane and two more like it were just sitting there, neatly parked. It was a hasty sketch – the temperature was in the high 30s, which is still a bit chilly for me – but it felt great to sketch outdoors.

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