Monday, March 19, 2018

The Hunt for Pink

3/16/18 Ravenna neighborhood

Driving through the U-District Friday afternoon, I didn’t have enough time to stop at the Quad (arguably the best show of spring in these parts), but I thought I’d check on the nearby blossom situation. Crossing Ravenna Boulevard, my peripheral vision spotted some pink, so I turned around at the next intersection. Slender trees lined both sides of the residential street. With rounded petals instead of the telltale notched petals of ornamental cherries, this tree was probably not a sakura (at right). But on a beautiful day like that, I don’t discriminate.

3/17/18 UW Quad cherry blossoms

The next day I did make it to the Quad, where the news media had been reporting “near peak” cherry blossoms. Although I certainly saw open blooms, I also saw lots of tiny, tight buds. This particular variety is closer to white than pink, and from a distance, some trees still looked dark from buds firmly closed. In my down parka, I was too cold to sketch, but I stopped long enough to make a quick one of the buds. Not quite ready for prime time, the blossoms were still enough for some chilly hanami

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