Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sneaking in Sketches, Part 1: Newberg and Beaverton

8/23/17 Marriott Courtyard, Beaverton

When traveling or visiting with family (or other non-sketchers), it’s tricky finding time to sketch. After all, the focus of our gathering in Oregon last week was the eclipse, but our primary purpose was a family reunion. We don’t have many opportunities for my entire family to get together, so I didn’t want to miss too much time with them. Still, I’ve written before about how I’ve figured out ways to sneak in sketches when out and about with non-sketchers. I’ve gotten pretty good at balancing my own desire to sketch while not missing out as part of a group.
8/20/17 Cherry picker in the Marriott Courtyard complex,

The easiest way to sneak in sketches is to simply get up earlier or go out while everyone else is occupied. Staying in a Marriott Courtyard in Beaverton for a few days after the eclipse, I wandered around the hotel while Greg was still showering or others were busy and managed to grab a couple of sketches. At the Newberg house we stayed in together for the eclipse, everyone else scattered to explore the property (a horse ranch in the Willamette Valley) the first day, and I used the opportunity to sketch a panorama of the valley. 

Tomorrow I’ll show a few more sketches I sneaked in while participating in family activities.

8/20/17 A duck and a few geese in the parking lot.

8/20/17 View of the Willamette Valley from Newberg, Ore.


  1. I have a special fondness for trees and love the one in your first post! The dark shading in the tree's leaves and the texture and dimenson you were able to capture are really interesting and beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much for mentioning the tree, Cathy! I've been working hard on improving both the shading and texture of trees I sketch, so I appreciate that you've noticed! :-)

      - Tina


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