Friday, August 4, 2017

Wedgwood Bamboo Grove

7/20/17 water-soluble colored pencils, ink

(I’m back from Chicago (followed by a few days in the Twin Cities) with many fond memories of the Urban Sketchers Symposium! While I scan all my sketches and digest everything that happened, I’m going to post a couple of sketches that I made shortly before my travels.)

I often drive through the Wedgwood neighborhood when I’m on my way home from the post office, looking for something to sketch. I thought I’d seen everything by now, but something unusual recently caught my eye: a bamboo grove. Cool and serene, growing on both sides of the corner, the tall bamboo completely obscured the house behind it. Except for the recycle bin on the curb, it evoked the enormous bamboo forests I’d seen in Kyoto. 

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