Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Armory’s Men

2/11/16 Zebra brush pen, colored pencil
Whenever Urban Sketchers Seattle sketches one event or another at the Seattle Center, we tend to use the Armory as a meeting or lunching place because the food court has plenty of tables and convenient food choices. If there’s an event going on in there (frequent in the summer), it can be mobbed. After sketching the Hello Kitty exhibition on Thursday, I walked over to the Armory, where apparently no events were scheduled, and the place was nearly deserted.

At least it was deserted of Seattle Center visitors. Most of the people there were more like residents – homeless (or maybe just jobless) men who seem to use it regularly as a daytime shelter. I suppose it’s like an indoor city park. Fortunately, they are left alone by Armory security. In fact, the three men I sketched (below) seemed to be on a first-name basis with one of the security guards, who stopped to chat with them.

2/11/16 Zebra brush pen, colored pencil


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