Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Into the Sun

2/23/16 brush pen, inks
Early yesterday morning, frost coated the windshields, but by noon it was warm enough to stand on the sidewalk for a sketch. Today the day began with no frost at all, and as I stood in Puetz Golf Shop’s parking lot this afternoon to sketch its vintage sign, it felt downright balmy. In both cases, I had to face the sun to get the compositions I wanted, which is obviously not ideal for sketching, but you know what? It felt so good to feel the sun that I didn’t care at all.

2/24/16 inks, colored pencils


  1. That sign, and your sketch of it are all kinds of awesome. Too bad such signs are disappearing.

  2. I love how you go out and stand in the cold and find that little bit of sun to warm you. You are a real trouper!!! I like this sketch of the signs!


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