Thursday, February 18, 2016

Body Language at Starbucks

2/18/16 ink, colored pencil

I couldn’t hear a word they were saying, but I didn’t have to.

With his back to me, the man on the left was clearly in charge of the meeting. At first I thought the long-haired younger man was being interviewed for a job, but after a while, I decided he was more like a contractor who’d already gotten the assignment, and now the manager was explaining the project to him. The manager was doing most of the talking as they both looked at a document he had brought, gesticulating now and then to emphasize a point. The contractor mostly listened and nodded occasionally.
2/18/16 ink

At least 10 minutes late for the meeting, a third guy showed up (if I’d known he was going to join this meeting, I would have left space for him in the first composition). It was obvious to me that he was there for political reasons – probably representing another team – because he wasn’t at all interested in what the other two guys were saying. Occasionally he’d sneak peaks at his phone or gaze out the window, his mind a hundred miles away. He had the best haircut of the three, though.

2/18/16 Sakura Koi marker, brush pens, colored pencils


  1. Great story to go with the sketches. I love how you did the hair on the third guy!

  2. Wow did you paint those? really amazing with the short story.
    coffee club


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