Wednesday, February 10, 2016


2/8/16 Tri-tone colored pencil, Canson all-media book (20-min. pose)
Gage brings in many good models for life-drawing sessions – people of all sizes and shapes and proportions that don’t necessarily fit the standard drawing book “rules” (the number of heads high for an average adult male, etc.). That diversity is good training for drawing people in the real world, with or without clothes.

Some figures are harder for me to draw than others, and I’m not sure why. If I’m looking at all models as abstract shapes and shadows as I should be, then no particular body should be more challenging than any other. In any case, I had to get through the first couple hours of one-to-10-minute poses before I felt like I was finally getting Rosie’s proportions right.

During the last half-hour when we finally worked up to a 20-minute pose (at right), I had a little time leftover, so I put in some facial features. Within those couple of minutes, I had captured enough resemblance that I think her mother or Facebook friends might recognize her. Since I rarely tackle the face during life drawing, I was happy to get Rosies fairly accurately, especially after struggling with her proportions. 

2/8/16 Sailor Nagomi brush pen (10-min. poses)
2/8/16 Tri-tone colored pencil (10-min. pose)
2/8/16 Nagomi brush pen (5-min. pose)

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