Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mid-Winter Treat

2/9/16 inks, colored pencils
Sunny and 59 degrees!

I should have been at my desk working, but you can bet I found a way to sneak outside today. After weeks of mostly gray skies and cold rain, I didn’t have to go far – even a rusty nail on the ground or a paper sack in the street would have been fun to sketch, as long as I could be outdoors!

On Green Lake Way, I’ve passed this hacked willow many times, but it can’t be sketched from the car because parking isn’t allowed on the opposite side of the street. This afternoon I happily stood on the sidewalk in the warm sunshine to sketch it.

It felt so good that I wasn’t ready to go home (although I knew I should). Spotting a hydrant, I channeled my inner Pete Scully before going back to my car.

2/9/16 inks, colored pencils

Speaking of hacked trees, a blog reader sent me the photo below of one she spotted in Orrington, Maine. Despite the many trees I’ve seen and sketched, I have to admit I’ve never seen one hacked like this! Thanks for thinking of me, Nancy!

The Donut Tree of Orrington, Maine

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  1. Glad you got out in the sunshine. Lovely sketches. Can any of us draw hydrants without thinking of Pete?


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