Monday, March 30, 2015

It’s Complicated

3/30/15 Platinum Carbon ink, Sailor zoom pen, watercolor,
Caran d'Ache Museum colored pencils, Canson XL paper
When I first started this series of power line sketches, it was my way of paying respect to these old, once-dignified trees. The power lines were merely the context and reason for the merciless butchering the trees had received. The more sketches I do, however, the more interested I’ve become in the utility wiring itself. I used to think it all looked the same, but in different neighborhoods, the way it’s attached to the poles varies. With all the added types of utilities over the years – fiber optics are the most recent addition, coming in fast and furious in our neck of the woods – the wiring has become more and more complicated.

The poles and lines are as ugly as the trees are (or might have been) beautiful, yet they still hold my fascination in a perverse kind of way.


  1. The men who work on those lines take their lives in their hands to bring us electricity. Every year, some of them die on the job.

  2. I enjoy seeing the tangle of all the wires too. Good sketch!! At some point they will probably put much of it underground and the view will look so clean. lol


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