Thursday, June 8, 2023

100 Days of Observations


Compared to last year’s 100 Day Project, which was grueling though ultimately satisfying, this year’s was kind of the opposite: Easier to fulfill each day, but it did not feel as much of an accomplishment at the end. Still, it was satisfying in a different way.

My goal was to write a few sentences a day that focused on external observations rather than feelings. I allowed a sentence or two of feelings but only if they were a direct response to whatever I had observed.

On most days, it felt grounding to connect with nature, usually on my daily walks, which was the easiest way to observe.

I mostly enjoyed the process, though some days I did find it harder to simply observe rather than take an internal deep dive. Ironically, the part I ended up not liking was having a separate Field Notes notebook specifically for my 100 Day Project. I thought that having a dedicated book would keep me focused, but after the first half, I wished I had simply incorporated the habit into my regular scribble journal. I want to continue the habit, but I’ve found a better place for those daily observations: my five-year Some Lines a Day book.

The Some Lines a Day book has changed at least a couple times since I began using it in late 2020. At first it was a place to write “kind thoughts” about people. At some point, I started writing more general statements of gratitude and appreciation, so that the thoughts could be about situations or things as well as people. Now it will be a place to put daily observations unburdened by accompanying feelings and analysis.

The one satisfying aspect of using this dedicated Field Notes is that I completely filled it with the 100 entries! I knew that if I wrote two entries per page, I'd be able to get in 96, so I just squeezed three entries per page occasionally and made it work out. 

Although the project wasnt creatively groundbreaking, it did instill a new habit I wanted to form, so it was satisfying from that perspective. Even so, 100 days is a very long time. I’m going to think very carefully before I take on another hundred days of anything!

Thanks for cheering me on, Peppermint Patty, Marcie and Snoopy!


  1. Sketching our day with a few sentences is always appreciated by our future self re-reading it!

  2. I have found the few entries you posted to be most inspiring. Now I see a good fit, since my few lines a day journal has languished. It seemed redundant to just record the same things I write in my scribble journal, but I think I could now see a way to make my daily observations more meaningful. Thanks! Anne HwH

  3. Glad you kept it up. I've never been a journal writer. Even as a teen I didn't really keep a diary going. The only time I seem to journal is when I travel to distant places. It is more of a record of where I've been and what I've done.

    1. Journal keeping was something I saw my mom doing all her life. Just one of many ways she has influenced me.


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