Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Bring Your Sketchbook


6/7/23 The Maple Pub, Maple Leaf neighborhood

When I was this young woman’s age and single, I sometimes wanted to go out for a nice dinner and a glass of wine or beer by myself, reading a good book, but I never had the courage. That was 40 years ago, and maybe things are different now (though I doubt it). As Greg and I waited for our beers at our favorite neighborhood pub, I made this six-minute sketch as a nod to all single women who have the confidence to do this. If I could go back in time to give advice to my younger self, I would encourage myself to just do it – I probably would have gotten over my reluctance.

Although I’m happy to be with my lifelong date, I think I could probably dine alone more easily now than when I was young. Of course, my book of choice now would be a sketchbook, which seems to give me license to be almost anywhere alone and feel comfortable. So that’s the advice I would give to my younger self: Leave the novel at home and bring a sketchbook.


  1. It seems I was usually comfortable dining alone. I worked when I was a senior in HS and through college so I ate lunch out a lot, and rarely had a lunch time with people I knew. At the time I always had a book with me. Now I have a sketchbook.

    1. I used to have lunch alone occasionally, and somehow that was easier than going to a nice restaurant in the evening. A sketchbook is always a great companion! ;-)


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