Sunday, May 16, 2021

Crown Prep


5/13/21 My dental team (from memory)

I had a long dental appointment Thursday morning – one of several health-maintenance appointments I had been putting off until after I was vaccinated, and now I can procrastinate no longer. About halfway through the ordeal, it occurred to me that my limited, close-range view would be an excellent opportunity to practice drawing from memory (as well as distract me from the ordeal). I made a conscious effort to memorize as many details as I could – the shape of the lamp (which brought to mind Darth Vader’s TIE fighter); the bright spotlight on the dentist’s forehead; the multi-colored hair cover his assistant wore; the foreshortened view of their upside-down faces (although with both masks and head covers, it’s difficult to discern up from down!). Closest to my eyes, the dentist’s blue-gloved hands were a constant blur.

Although I wouldn’t choose this view if I didn’t have to, it’s a reminder that any event can be a sketch opportunity – even if the sketch is done later.

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  1. Your observational skills must be MUCH better than mine. I could never do a sketch like this after having dental work. The elements of the sketch would definitely not stay in my mind until later. lol I applaud you! (Blogger seems to be working well today, so I'm able to actually post and have them show.)


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