Friday, January 3, 2020

Yellow Gran Torino

12/29/19 Ford Gran Torino, Maple Leaf neighborhood

After days and days of temperatures in the 30s and low 40s, the sun came out one afternoon, and the mercury shot all the way up to 50! Although at least one guy strolled around Maple Leaf Park in a T-shirt, I wasn’t quite that hardy. I did, however, find a sun-lit spot on the sidewalk to sketch this Clint Eastwood-style, ‘70s vintage Gran Torino parked on someone’s lawn. Behind it was a vintage pickup that would also have been fun to sketch, but I’ll save it for another balmy day.


  1. A t-shirt but no shorts? I always laugh when I go to Maine and it hits 50 degrees...that almost guarantees someone will be wearing shorts there. Nice color on a car that will draw attention anyway. lol Cool sketch!

    1. When it hits 55 here, Green Lake looks like Malibu Beach with sunbathers! ;-)


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