Saturday, February 9, 2019

Snowpocalypse Blind Contours

2/8/19 negative space drawing

Snowpocalypse is under way in the Puget Sound region. As I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, it’s only just begun, but snow is expected to continue through Saturday, yielding 4 to 8 inches. Shelves are depleted in grocery stores as people prepare to be housebound, and flights and bus routes have been cancelled.

It’s a good time for blind contours.

First I piled up a few random objects and started with a basic negative-space drawing. That’s often an exercise in how-to books and classes to make students focus on the space around and within objects instead of the objects themselves. 

That didn’t seem fun enough for snowmageddon, though, so I added a blind contour aspect to it. The technique is the same – focus on the negative space – but this time, look only at your subject matter as you draw and not your paper. Now, that’s fun! All the pressure is off for making the drawing look “right,” and rainbow pencils make the exercise even more fun.

2/8/19 blind contour

blind contour
blind contour

2/8/19 Weather Bunny is prepared.

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