Thursday, February 7, 2019

Freezing Fog

2/6/19 Maple Leaf neighborhood

After the stunning polar vortex in the eastern half of the country warmed up, it was our turn for snow and sub-freezing temperatures. It isn’t nearly as cold here as it was in the Midwest and East, of course, but the snow and icy roads are still a hazardous inconvenience.

Yesterday morning I stood at our bedroom window to sketch the sun making a valiant effort to burn through the fog. When I was done, I stepped out onto our sundeck very briefly to photograph the delightful frost clinging to spider webs and railings. My weather app said it was 23 degrees.


  1. It is strange how the weather everywhere has done back and forth so drastically. That sounds much too cold for you. Is the snow gone yet?

    1. This is super-cold for us. We usually have a few days of cold and snow around this time of year, but it generally doesn't last long. Now snowstorm No. 2 has just started!


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