Sunday, February 24, 2019

Selfie Sunday


Shortly after I began sketching in 2011, I decided to give myself the challenge of drawing one hundred self-portraits. Describing that experience was one of the first blog posts I published. I’ve done a few more here and there since that project, especially in winter when sketching subjects must be indoors.

Apparently there’s a Facebook group called Selfie Sunday (though I haven’t joined), whose members post selfies every Sunday. Then Roy DeLeon decided to simplify the challenge by inviting a few online friends to make selfies whenever and share them with the hashtag #sundayselfiesketches. I don’t know how often I’ll participate, but I admit that when I can’t find anything else better to draw, it’s easy to simply look in the mirror. And if you’re ever feeling cocky for any reason, nothing is quite so immediately and thoroughly humbling as making a self-portrait.

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