Sunday, November 18, 2018


11/12/18 Workers cutting cheese blocks
11/12/18 A worker inspecting the wrapping process.

After staying a night in Astoria, we continued down the coast on Highway 101 to Tillamook. Although it’s only an hour or so south of Cannon Beach, we hadn’t been to Tillamook in years – certainly not since I started sketching. The Tillamook Cheese Factory, the city’s main attraction, was completely remodeled earlier this year, so it was a good time to revisit.

Following the excellent self-guided tour, we learned all about the cheesemaking process from cow to grocery store. Visitors can view the entire factory from the floor above, looking down onto the workers through ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall windows. I was impressed by the free, well-designed tour. The workers wear blue uniforms that complement so well with all that yellow and orange cheese!

11/12/18 Small thumbnail of dairy exterior
Of course we sampled all the cheeses (and dined on grilled cheese sandwiches in the Creamery café), and they were delicious. I recommend the Cape Meares variety, which I’ve never seen in local stores, so we bought a loaf. In the gift shop, many unusual types of cheeses are available, including some that have been aged for several years and, like wine, are priced accordingly.

Cheesy decorations

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