Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bluefin Buffet

11/22/18 Chocolate fountain at the Bluefin Buffet

Greg and I have only one family member in town, so our Thanksgiving tradition has become easy: We go to the Bluefin Buffet.

Between trips to the huge spreads of sushi, seafood, noodles, dim sum, salad and, of course, desserts, I like to take sketch breaks. First I sketched the maneki-neko who guarded the stacks of soup bowls. Later, after I had stuffed down another plateful of food, I turned around and spotted the mesmerizing chocolate fountain. Despite how cool it looks, it’s not the best chocolate in the world, and I found it more fun to sketch than taste.

1 comment:

  1. The buffet sounds like a fun tradition...one my husband would love. lol I agree about those chocolate fountains. They look and sound good but I think to be as flowing as they need to be the chocolate is too watered down. I'd rather have rich, solid chocolate.


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