Sunday, October 14, 2018

RIP, Krups

10/13/18 Farewell, reliable friend!

My two-cup Krups has been making my coffee every morning since the ‘80s when I first moved out as an adult. Suddenly on Friday, it died. This sketch for InkTober is a memorial and farewell to a reliable hard worker. (More InkTober sketches from last week are coming up, but this one deserved its own post.)

Now I have to decide what to replace it with. I don’t want one that makes 10 cups (I already have one of those in the basement for when we have the rare house guest), makes ridiculously wasteful single K-cups, plays music, must be programmed or is smarter than I am. All I want is one good cup of coffee each for Greg and me.

Facebook friends have suggested various solutions, including a French press, which sounds the least wasteful because it uses no disposable filters. For now I have my old single-cup plastic cone to get us through.


  1. A Pour Over carafe... no waste, good coffee for one or two cups and easier to clean than a French press.

  2. I use a French press since I only do one cup of decaf coffee. My hubby uses our Mr. Coffee because he drinks most of a pot of regular by himself during the day. Hope you find a good solution.

  3. I don't normally get attached to things but I have a few kitchen items that I just can't be parted with. Our Moka coffee maker is one of them. ( Hope you find a good coffee maker soon!

  4. Thanks for your comments, Joan and Ching. You'll probably see a sketch of whatever solution I decide on! ;-)


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