Friday, October 12, 2018

East and West

10/11/18 East side of Green Lake

Although the day dawned cold and foggy, my fingers were crossed that the gloom would burn off by noon. Sure enough, as often happens in the fall, sunshine broke through in the afternoon, and Green Lake shimmered with color.

First I sketched the east side of the lake, where the water was relatively calm. By the time I got around to the west side, a breeze had picked up, breaking up the reflections in the water.

10/11/18 West side of Green Lake


  1. Both views look really nice!!! Nice to have a spot where you can sketch from both sides.

  2. The first sketch is beautiful, Tina. It's like a photo.

  3. Thank you, Cathy, Joan and Ching! I love Green Lake, and I guess my affection for it shows.


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