Saturday, October 6, 2018

Life-Drawing Weather

10/4/18 Shauna, brush pen (5-min. poses)

I skipped life drawing last week because we had a streak of weather that was too beautiful to spend sketching indoors. We’re back to “normal” now, however, and I think I must sadly concede that outdoor-sketching weather is over for the year.

The return to normal weather means that I’ll be going back to life drawing practice more regularly again. On Thursday Shauna, one of my favorite models, was in fine form with expressive, fluid poses. My sketches were less so, but I’m slowly getting my joints re-oiled. Brush pens are still my favorite for very short poses, and I’m enjoying using soft colored pencils when the poses are at least 10 minutes long. (Here’s a post showing all my current life-drawing materials.) Masochist that I am, to fulfill my InkTober self-commitment, I even drew a 20-minute pose with a ballpoint pen, but I’ll wait until my first InkTober report to show you that one.

10/4/18 Shauna; brush pen (5-min. poses)

10/4/18 Shauna; colored pencil (10-min. poses)

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  1. Nice figures. So far we've had some nice weather up here in Maine, so I got several sketches done at the Pumpkinfest yesterday. It is misting this morning and I'm hoping it clears a bit so I can get our of town and down to do some local scenery today down the peninsula. I have my fingers crossed. :)


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