Saturday, October 8, 2016


10/6/16 Pentel Color Brush, Kuretake Brush Writer (2-minute poses)
I know I say this every time I go back to life drawing after a long absence, but I sure felt creaky Thursday. According to my punch card, I hadn’t been to a life drawing session since March. (I’m basically a foul-weather life drawer – I never go when the sun shines!)

I wasn’t even prepared in terms of materials. Usually before I head out for Gage, I go through the tote I use only for life drawing (larger sketchbooks and different materials from my typical urban sketching supplies), sharpen my pencils, fill my waterbrushes, and generally get mentally and physically prepared. Thursday I decided to go on the spur of the moment when I saw that rain was scheduled for the rest of the day, so I just grabbed my bag and went. The model struck her first one-minute pose, and I grabbed the first thing my hand touched – a brown Pentel Color Brush. It turned out to be just right for my creaky session.
10/6/16 Pentel Color Brush (1-minute poses)

After having some explosive results at high altitudes with reservoir-type brush pens several years ago, I decided to put them into my life-drawing bag where I knew they’d stay safely at sea level. The Pentel and a Kuretake Brush Writer are both really juicy brush pens, and although it wasn’t a conscious choice, I see now that the fluidity of the pens helped me get my hand moving.

10/6/16 Pentel Color Brush, Kuretake Brush Writer (2-minute poses)

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