Saturday, October 1, 2016

#InkTober2016: DIY Coloring Book

10/1/16 ink
I’ve jumped on the “adult coloring book” bandwagon – in a DIY way! For InkTober this year, I’ve decided to make small, coloring book-style drawings using black ink only. One of these days, I might even color them, but for InkTober 2016, I’ll be happy if I just get the drawings done.

Initiated by Jake Parker in 2009, InkTober is an annual challenge to make one ink drawing a day during the month of October. Last year I heard about InkTober only days before it began and then impulsively decided to commit to participating on Oct. 1. As you can see from the sketches that resulted (I put them all in an InkTober 2015 Flickr album), my efforts were all over the map – no consistency in subject, materials or format. Nothing wrong with that (and I might revert to that freestyle method by mid-month – we’ll see!), but this year I thought I’d give myself the added challenge of a consistent format. As in actual coloring books, the subject matter will probably vary, but I’m keeping the sketches small by using a Field Notes pocket notebook. I won’t limit myself to urban sketches, either – some might be from photos, still lifes, imaginary, abstract – who knows!

I probably won’t blog about all my InkTober sketches, but you can follow my participation on Instagram and Flickr. It’s not too late to join me! The InkTober site offers daily prompts (such as “fast” or “battle”) if they are helpful to you. I don’t do well with prompts, especially when they are abstract concepts, but using the prompts is optional. Pick up a pen and go for it!


  1. Great idea to make an adult coloring book. Nice car sketch! I'm not working for the prompts either. I checked them out before I started.

  2. Great sketch and coloring book idea. But is that a sketch of a Miata?


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