Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brian Head, Utah

9/30/12 watercolor
At 10,000 feet, Brian Head, Utah, is mostly a ski resort town, but on the last day of September, the slopes were covered with gold and orange aspens instead of snow. Feeling better after recovering from a short but nasty bout with altitude sickness, I took a late-afternoon walk to sketch the property around the condo where we were staying. The sketch above was done with watercolors, but my first try (below) was done in Kuretake Brush Writers. One thing I learned on this trip to Utah canyons is that my body is not the only thing affected by high altitudes: The Rorschach-like blob you see at the center of the sketch is where I had an incident with a brush marker releasing pressure when I removed the cap.
9/30/12 Kuretake Brush Writers, Hand Book sketchbook

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