Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Turn for a New Roof

9/30/16 inks, colored pencil
Just about a year ago, our neighbors next door got a new roof, which meant I had a front-and-center view of all the action. Then a couple weeks ago, I had another opportunity to catch some roofers at work on the house up the street.

Now its our turn. Roofers showed up on Thursday and Friday for the bulk of the work – tearing off all the old shingles and prepping for the new. Singing and bantering among themselves, the large team of roofers went about their work more cheerfully than I would have expected, given the precarious and difficult work they have to do. Even though the temperatures were only in the low-60s, I’m sure it was still hot up there in the blazing sun.

I set my up stool across the street to sketch as much of the action as I could, but they moved fast. I also caught a worker (at least his feet) reinstalling our kitchen skylight while Greg watched. I preferred sketching outdoors, where it was quieter!

9/30/16 inks

9/30/16 ink

9/30/16 ink

9/30/16 ink, colored pencil

9/30/16 brush pen, Gelly Roll pen

9/30/16 inks, colored pencils


  1. Nice of those guys to come to your place so you could sketch them. You'll see why they're happy when you and Greg get the bill :-)

    1. Yeah, that part will not be so fun! :-0


    2. Well documented ! But my favourite is Greg at the bottom of the ladder -so much captured in that stance !

    3. Thanks, Alissa! That's my favorite, too!

  2. Painting roofers while they are installing your work is quite an interesting thing to do. Not only does this make waiting for progress much less stressful but it also allows you to closely watch the progress of your project. I will consider doing the same as soon as we start our own roof remodeling project.

  3. You've got some serious drawing skills there bro! Looks like those roofers know what they're doing too. Can't imagine you'd be posting sketches otherwise! I like that you picked up on their tool bags too, I always think you can judge a tradesman by the quality of his tools. It works for me any way.

    Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing

  4. Ugh, having a new roof put on or even repaired always can be a pain. I agree with the other poster who said they are happy because of their fees. Great sketches, though! Maybe you can trade them in lieu of paying their fees! Wouldn't that be a hoot! Glad you got a new roof though! Good Luck!


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