Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunny Queen Anne

9/18/16 inks, colored pencils
After Saturday night’s disappointing Otsukimi, it was wonderful to see the sunshine reappear for Urban Sketchers Seattle’s gathering in the Queen Anne neighborhood yesterday.

Since I’d stayed small in my compositions a few months ago when the Friday sketchers met on Queen Anne Hill, I decided to go tall this time. Bethany Presbyterian is one of few Gothic-style churches I know of in Seattle. Much of the church front is obstructed by several trees, but it didn’t matter, because the tall, pointy spire is the only part I like to sketch anyway.

Queen Anne Hill is known for its three huge power towers, and I’ve always wanted to sketch one. Of course, I forgot to bring my landscape sketchbook, so I had to settle for turning my usual sketchbook the long way. I managed to capture only about a third of the tower’s height.

9/18/16 ballpoint pen, colored pencils, ink

In the remaining 15 minutes before the sketchbook sharing (at our two-and-a-half-hour sketch outings, somehow I always seem to do two sketches and then end up with 15 minutes left), I grabbed my brush pen and looked down shady, tree-lined Queen Anne Avenue on a beautiful September morning.

9/18/16 brush pen, colored pencils


  1. It is always hard to capture tall things in a sketchbook. My favorite of the three sketches is the one of the trees. It reminds me of Paris parks for some reason.

    1. Thanks, Joan! The street didn't look much like Paris, but I can see how the trees might, all lined up.


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