Thursday, September 22, 2016

Noisy, Dusty and Gold Cadmium Yellow

9/21/16 inks, colored pencils

Back in May I made my first sketch at the Aegis Living retirement facility construction site behind Maple Leaf Park. After demolition, it was quiet for a while, but now activity is back at full speed. I could hear lots of noise and see clouds of dust, but I couldn’t see the heavy equipment behind the huge mounds of dirt. Fortunately for me, this excavator’s operator was taking a break.

According to a sign, the facility is not scheduled to open until 2018, so I’ve got plenty of action to sketch ahead! I’d better sharpen a few more Gold Cadmium Yellow pencils. 


  1. Nice sketch. Love the colored pencil and how smooth you got the color with it.

  2. LOL You have lots of time to document the construction there. Nice sketch!

  3. It'd 2021 so I think you missed it lol, I love the sketch


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