Thursday, September 8, 2016

New T-Rex at the Burke

9/7/16 colored pencils, brush pen
Paleontologists at the Burke Museum dug up a new T-Rex skull in northern Montana! It’s one of only about 15 relatively complete T-Rex skulls in the world.

I knew that the skull would be covered in protective plaster for a long time until workers could carefully reveal it, but I went over to the Burke today to sketch it anyway. It’ll make its first unplastered public appearance when the new Burke (now under construction) opens in 2019. You can bet I’ll be there then to sketch it again.

9/7/16 colored pencils
Meanwhile, to get a smaller skull-sketching fix, I went over to one of my favorite areas of the museum where a whole wall is filled with various skulls. This one belonged to a steller sea lion. (Fountain pen with wash used to be my favorite way of sketching skeletons, but lately I’m really liking white colored pencil or gel pen on my orange Field Notes.)

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