Friday, September 23, 2016

Bergen Place

9/23/16 brush pen, ink, colored pencils
Named for the Norwegian city, Bergen Place is a small but colorful park in the center of Ballard. On Sundays, the park is lively with farmers market shoppers, but on this gusty, drizzly Friday morning, it was quiet except for the regular, startling outcries of a man in flip-flops making erratic hand gestures. (I think the park is his home; I’ve seen him on farmers market days, rummaging through trash cans, shouting at persons unseen by the rest of us.) Despite the questionable weather, four hardy sketchers showed up.

Attracted to the juxtaposition of real trees and art trees, I stood across the street to sketch the park until the drizzle turned to full-on rain. Then I retreated to Starbucks, where a front window gave me a slightly different view of the park, this time with some of the Scandinavian flags visible.
9/23/16 brush pen, colored pencils, ink

We decided to meet at the Ballard public library for our sketchbook throwdown. While I waited a few minutes for the others to show up, I stood near the library’s entrance to catch the sidewalk scene.

I hate to say it, but it feels like fall, and outdoor sketching season is probably over.

9/23/16 brush pen, colored pencils
Kathleen, Kate, Tina and Suzanne: hardy sketchers!


  1. Love the combination of the real trees and the art trees. We have had 3 days of beautiful, warm weather, so I headed to the beach. :)

  2. There is sadness in your tone resulting from the falling temperatures. You remind me of me :-)

    1. Yup... when we have to trade our sun hats for raincoats and Polartecs, it's a sad day in the urban sketching world. :-)


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