Sunday, January 17, 2016

Skyping with the Editorial Board

Marcia, Gabi and me Skyping in Gabi's diningroom.
Writing and editing Drawing Attention, the monthly newsletter of the Urban Sketchers organization, the past two years has given me wider exposure to the USk regional chapters and their activities, which I thoroughly enjoy. Although I’m still continuing to edit the newsletter, for a while now I’ve been wanting to get even more involved with the USk organization. Last fall the USk Editorial Board put out a call for new members, and I saw an ideal opportunity to use my communications and editorial background to help serve the organization.

I joined the Editorial Board in December, and I’m very proud and happy to be part of such a hard-working, creative team. (Led by Gabi Campanario, the members are Murray Dewhurst, James Hobbs, Marcia Milner-Brage, Suhita Shirodkar and me.) Our main responsibilities are managing guest blog posts submitted to the global Urban Sketchers blog (more than 75 were published in 2015) and communicating with all of its regular correspondents. In addition, we take on some special projects, such as redesigning the global blog.

On a wall in Gabi's family room is one of the enlarged sketches
from his "Drawn to Seattle" exhibit a couple years
ago at the Museum of History and Industry.
While we normally conduct our day-to-day business by e-mail only, Gabi called a Skype meeting for yesterday afternoon to hammer out the final details of the blog redesign. Though not everyone was available to attend, it was fun to finally meet Marcia. (I think you’re going to like the changes in the blog! Coming soon!)

(I arrived at Gabi’s house a little early for the meeting, so I stopped to sketch this tree in his neighborhood.)

1/16/16 inks, colored pencil


  1. Again congratulations on joining the editorial team.
    btw the redesign is great.

    1. Thank you, Sue! Glad to hear you like the new site!

      - Tina


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