Thursday, January 21, 2016

Feeling Catty at the Burke

1/21/16 rainbow and water-soluble colored pencils
Rain poured down my hood and bounced off my now-waterproof Rickshaw bag as I dashed into the Burke Museum. I had just dropped my car off for servicing a few blocks away, and sketching at the Burke was my favorite way to kill the wait time.

Now that I’ve finished sketching all the complete skeletons on exhibit, I’m re-sketching some of my favorites using different media (see, this is another reason I need to keep mixing up the media!). The Hoplophoneus was one of the first I sketched nearly three years ago. Today I decided to give the 25-million-year-old forest cat a little color with a rainbow pencil. (It’s difficult to shade with, but it sure is fun.)

Nearby in the same exhibit is the sabertooth, which I sketched last spring in ink. Today I used water-soluble colored pencils. I was still finishing up when I got a call from the Mazda service department saying my car was ready. Darn – I could have easily killed a few more hours re-sketching skeletons.

1/21/16 colored pencils
Meow -- my favorite kitty at the Burke.


  1. That was definitely a good place to wait for your car. I like these, especially the one with the rainbow pencil!

    1. Thank you, Joan! I never tire of sketching these skeletons.


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