Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mostly Impromptu World Wide SketchCrawl 50

1/23/16 Zebra brush pen
With less than a day of planning, Michele and I decided to participate in the 50th quarterly World Wide SketchCrawl by meeting at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. I must have had that location subconsciously tagged with “WWSC” when I had suggested it; as I was driving north on Lake City Way to meet her, I suddenly remembered a previous WWSC at the same location three years ago.

First I covered a spread in my sketchbook with small gesture sketches of kids playing on the giant chessboard. Remember how I’ve talked about training for real life in the life-drawing studio? These boys were giving me one-second poses. (Those one-minute poses the models give us seem more and more leisurely all the time.)

As Michele and I chatted, I sketched a couple of women knitting together a few tables over. I think we got more chatting done than sketching (or at least I did), but it was still a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.
1/23/16 ink, colored pencils


  1. Nice sketches, Tina! And a fun day had by all! All two of us anyway! 😄

  2. I would have loved to join in if I had known about it -- I live in Lake City and sketch at Third Place often, and was just sitting around my house all day. Would love to go if you do it again!

    1. Sorry we didn't plan this a little sooner, Alex!

      - Tina


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